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About Us works with nonprofits, educational institutions, and fellow social entrepreneurs on a variety of projects including fundraising intelligence; migration of organizational systems to the cloud; social media analytics; forecasting of charitable giving; and product development for the social sector.


Lori Hood Lawson

As Co-Founder and CEO of, Lori helps to keep the nonprofit sector current in the latest issues and trends. Previously, Lori served as Director of Strategic Solutions for Kintera P!N, where she managed a team of consultants, serving more than 300 nonprofit organizations in identification of prospective donors via wealth screening. While at Kintera, she also helped bring to market P!N’s desktop product as a web-based solution. Before joining P!N, Lori enjoyed the role of Associate Director of Research for The Florida State University Foundation, where she received the Administrator of the Year Award and served on the New Employee Orientation Committee and The Committee for Acknowledgement and Recognition of Employee Excellence. Lori is a member of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement International (APRA) where she serves as a member and former chair for its Ethics Committee; member and former co-chair of its Online Curriculum Committee; and member of its Body of Knowledge committee. She has served on the board of the Florida chapter of APRA, most recently as President and Director-at-Large. Lori also is a member of the Association of Advancement Services Professionals Best Practices Committee for Prospect Development. She was a member of the fundraising operations certification task force and served as adjunct faculty and mentor for the fundraising operations certification program at Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership. She holds a master’s degree from The Florida State University School of Information and a bachelor’s degree from Emory University. She is a voracious reader, a frequent author of articles and blogs, and a speaker at industry conferences.

Lori recently authored or co-authored the following articles, blog posts, and podcasts:

“Challenges and Opportunities for Prospect Development in 2017,” February 2, 2017, iWave Blog.

“‘Tis the Season (for Political Giving Research),” October 13, 2016, iWave Blog.

“Investing in Impact,” August 8, 2016, iWave Blog.

Terms of Social Media, APRA podcast, with Liz Rejman.

“Commit to Doing Your P.A.R.T. – Develop Partnerships and Demonstrate Accountability, Reliability and Trust,” APRA Connections, Q4 2015.

HIPAA and Fundraising podcast, with David Eberly.

“Retention Research: The Art of Keeping What You Find,” with David Lawson, Advancing Philanthropy, Fall 2015.


Prospect Development, Data Management, & Information Governance

We provide research and data management consulting services to help organizations identify, analyze, and manage their prospects and fundraising intelligence. Each engagement begins with an in-depth interview to understand what clients need (and don’t need) so services provided are both effective and cost-efficient.  Our services include:

  • Capacity Assessments customized to your giving model
  • Prospect Identification using internal and external data sources including any purchased data services
  • Strategic Profiles, customized to meet your unique needs
  • Prospect Management, including collaboration on cultivation and solicitation strategies
  • Data Management
  • Information Governance
  • Training & Team Development
  • Virtual Information Professional, including database management


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October 27, 2017

APRA UNY,  Do You See What I SEC?
– This will be a deep dive into SEC documents as applicable to prospect development.

July 26 – 29, 2017

APRA Prospect Development 2017, In Search of Good Prospects and The E Word: You Had Me at Ethics

May 5, 6, 2017

APRA GA Spring Conference 2017, Impact Giving

April 27, 2017

NEDRA 2017 Conference, Risk, Reputation, and Research

February 10, 2017

APRA Chapters Share the Knowledge, “To Tweet or Not to Tweet,” article written for APRA UNY

February 6, 2017

APRA Chapters Share the Knowledge, APRA Ethics Toolkit (recorded webinar)

January 18 – 20, 2017

CASE Annual Conference for Development Researchers

January 13, 2017

APRA Best Practices Webinar, Freaky Friday: You and Your Bubble

July 2016

APRA Prospect Development Conference, Swipe Right: The Ethics of Social Media; Unpack Your Ethics; Impact Giving: Where the Return Is Good

April 2016

APRA Metro DC Conference, Impact Giving: Where the Return Is Good


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