About Us

Lori began her career as a practitioner before putting her expertise to use as a consultant with organizations and institutions across the country. Together they founded WorkingPhilanthropy.com to work with nonprofits, educational institutions, and fellow social entrepreneurs on a variety of projects including fundraising intelligence; migration of organizational systems to the cloud; social media analytics; forecasting of charitable giving; and working with companies seeking to bring products and services to the social sector


Lori Hood Lawson

Lori Hood Lawson utilizes her years of institutional development research experience to help organizations turn data into actionable fundraising intelligence. As Co-Founder and CEO of WorkingPhilanthropy.com, she helps to keep the nonprofit sector current in the latest issues and trends. She has also served as the Group Director of Fundraising Intelligence for DonorTrends, where she was instrumental in creating an exact match screening service for professional biographies and charitable contributions for the nonprofit community. Prior to founding WorkingPhilanthropy.com, Lawson served as Director of Strategic Solutions for Kintera P!N, where she managed a team of consultants, serving more than 300 nonprofit organizations in identification of prospective donors via wealth screening. While at Kintera, she also helped bring to market P!N’s desktop product as a web-based solution. Before joining P!N, Lawson enjoyed the role of Associate Director of Research for The Florida State University Foundation, where she received the Administrator of the Year Award and served on the New Employee Orientation Committee and The Committee for Acknowledgement and Recognition of Employee Excellence. Lori is a member of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement International (APRA) and has served on the board of the Florida chapter of APRA, most recently as President and Director-at-Large. She holds a master’s degree from The Florida State University School of Information and a bachelor’s degree from Emory University. She is a voracious reader, a frequent author of articles and blogs, and a speaker at industry conferences.